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Our Artists

Lucy Wu's passion is underwater photography, treasure-hunting mostly in the waters of Southeast Asia for more than 20 years. Her work showcases the vivid patterns, textures and colors of marine life that most of us will only see on the Discovery Channel or in the pages of diving or National Geographic books and magazines. Through her lens, the ocean's creatures, from tiny Pygmy Seahorses to massive Whale Sharks, are transformed into vibrant metallic prints that allow us to appreciate their unique, organic beauty. Diving is an exploration and appreciation of nature's underwater art and life forms. Lucy's goal is to inspire people to respect, preserve and protect our oceans for future generations. Her colorful photographs are stunning as wall art and one-of-a-kind wearable art - silk scarves, wallets and accessory items.  Lucy's newest passion - night sky photography - creatively merges the terrestrial with the ancient light from our starry nights and Milky Way galaxy. 


John Wright has a particularly keen eye for capturing everyday life and scenes, and is a master at creating compelling black and white photographs that are stunning in their clarity and simplicity.  John's collection of old Las Vegas neighborhoods and newer graffiti art is not to be missed.


Joel Quimpo, our newest member, specializes in landscapes, night sky and astrophotography.  Joel uses both film and digital media to create his amazing photographic art.  In addition to the images in his gallery here, more of his beautiful photographs can be seen on his personal website,


2016 Perception Gallery